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What is Guest Posting, and How Do You Do It?

Guest Posting

Guest blogging is becoming increasingly popular as we continue to hear about it. Before we understand the importance of guest posting, let’s define it. Guest posting is writing and posting articles on a different website or blog. Some of you may wonder why we should post on others’ websites when we already have our own. The answer is simple: modern readers have no time to visit every website on search engines.  

If your website appears on the second or third page of a search engine, it is unlikely that many people will visit it. Guest posting can be beneficial in this situation. It directs the audience to your website by clicking on the links in your guest post for a popular website. Guest posts are often done on websites with similar niches as they can target more audiences to your website. 

If you are a blogger looking to rank your website or want to become a well-known writer, guest blogging is the right choice. Today’s article will show you how to do a guest post correctly.

Why We Should Do Guest Post

Guest posting has many benefits for bloggers and websites hosting guest posts. Before you start doing guest posts, you should know why you are doing it. Here are the benefits of guest posts:

When you post your article on another website, you add your website’s backlinks. The company hosting your post allows it as you post your content free of cost. It will help you with your website’s SEO. 

Another benefit is increasing your audience. As you post on a website with a similar niche, the audience will surely be interested in your website. It will help you bring a target audience to your blog and get it ranked. It enables you to grow your social circle. You’ll likely receive further connection requests, and you will get potential deals.

Authors often place social media links at the end of their posts, which helps to increase your visibility. So, whenever someone shares the article, more people will follow your website by clicking on the social media links. 

How To Guest Post Your Article

If you are new to guest posting and want to start it from scratch, you shouldn’t worry. We know your struggles and are here to help you with our step-by-step guide. Whether you are a new business owner or an editor, follow these steps to start guest posting correctly. 

Find Guest Post Opportunities

The first and most important thing you should know before you start guest posting is which websites you want to write for. You must find high-quality websites for this purpose and ensure the success of your guest blogging campaign. There are a few things that you should keep in mind before choosing a website for guest blogging. 

Find A Reliable Website

Once you start looking for a website to write for, you will see many spammy sites offering this service. Be careful not to waste your time and energy posting on these websites because you will not get any benefit there. It would help if you looked for authoritative websites that people have trusted for their high-quality content. These websites maintain high standards for editing and choose high-quality articles to post. Their users trust them and have a constant viewership. Publishing on these websites will also allow you to reach your readers and get a name in the blogging world. 

Before pitching a website for guest posting, you must assess its quality. A higher score of 100 suggests a better chance of guest posting. You must ensure your articles are engaging and error-free because these websites do not post irrelevant articles to fill their page. Furthermore, they have active viewers, who will likely leave comments on your guest post if they like it. On the contrary, if you post on spammy websites, it may negatively impact your guest blogging. Spammy websites frequently publish low-quality written material and have low popularity rates.

Choose a Website With a Similar Niche

When choosing a website for guest posting, remember that their niche should overlap with or be similar to yours. It will attract more readers to your website. As the audience visiting that website must be interested in their niche, your article will also attract them. This will not work if you own a small furniture business and want to post your articles on an automotive website. However, if you write for a home decor website, there is a greater chance that the host’s readers will be engaged with your posts. And it will help you improve your profile. Before beginning your work, ensure that you have thoroughly researched the website for which you are writing. Explore every aspect of the site before publishing your articles there. 

Choose a Website That Has Been Previously Hosting Guest Posts

You should choose a website that already hosts guest articles. It indicates that the website has high authority among readers and welcomes new writers. Be cautious of scammers who have not previously posted any guest articles, as they may try to sell your posts or do not value your talent. Because these websites do not publish articles with editors’ profiles, thereby harming their talent. Some websites also do not publish guest post policies. You should check the editor’s profile to find it. If a website hosts guest posts, they must have written it in their website profile. 

Ways To Start Guest Posting

When you find a trustworthy website to publish your guest posts, prepare for it. You cannot randomly choose any topic and start writing. First, list the keywords you will note, which should be done with proper research. Go to the websites you register for and collect the keyword data. Make a spreadsheet to organize your keyword research. It would help if you had backlinks from a well-established website, so target those websites and collect the data. 

Send Unique Pitch to Every Website

When you choose the website for guest posting, the next step is to send them pitches. One mistake most writers make is preparing a pitch and sending it to all the website owners. Here, they need to achieve the goal. Remember, every website is unique, and sending them a similar pitch might cause them to be deleted. Before pitching to an editor, thoroughly research their niche, content type, topics, and how frequently they post. It will help you understand their writing style and point of interest, and you will be able to prepare a unique pitch for that specific website.

Choose The Right Keywords For Pitching 

Choosing the website’s keywords will help you choose topics to write about. You should also read the instructions provided on the website before submitting your pitch. Following every step outlined on the website will give the website owners a positive impression. There is a greater chance that they will open and read it. Once they open the proposal, half of your goal will be achieved; the rest must be completed if you customize your pitch according to the given format and use the right keywords.

Add a Few of Your Work Samples

Remember to add two or more sample articles to show your talent. The articles must be relevant to the host niche so they can better understand your work. If you prepare new pertinent samples for the host’s website, you should avoid repeating the topics already published on their website. If you do not have any published guest articles on a similar niche, you can also give the link to your website. 

Don’t Forget To Send Follow-up Emails

Most reputable website editors receive hundreds of emails requesting guest posting opportunities. They only have time to accept some of those requests or not even to reply. It is typical if you get a rejection email or have not received a reply. The best way is to send a follow-up email if you are still waiting for an answer after two weeks. Sometimes, sending a follow-up email may get you good luck and a positive response. 

Using the same thread when sending the follow-up email to the editor is necessary. The editor needs more time to find your previous email, which you sent a few weeks ago. This will also save you from adding the information you sent earlier. Only send follow-up emails occasionally, as this can irritate the recipient. Only send one follow-up email unless it’s an extensive publication. You should wait at least two weeks for small publications and three to four weeks for large ones. These editors have much on their plates, and guest posts may not be a priority.

Add A little Description To Each Topic

When pitching on two or more topics, describing them in a few lines is good. It gives the editor a better understanding of your work. 

How To Write A Guest Post

Now it’s time to brainstorm some distinctive ideas. This raises the chances that people will accept your offers. It also decreases the likelihood of publishing nearly identical guest pieces. The finest guest blog post ideas offer a fresh perspective. Sites may be more interested in your input if you have unique ideas and stories to share. Once the website accepts your proposal and the themes have been accepted, you must begin writing articles to be published. Ensure your articles incorporate all the crucial elements that will wow the audience. A good article generates likes and comments.

Here are the necessary components for a successful guest posting:

Follow the website’s guidelines

All popular websites must provide writing rules to newcomers to maintain their popularity. You may read these criteria on their introduction page. The owner may send you an email with instructions to follow. If you wish to publish your content there, stick to the regulations and obey them. It will give them your favorable influence and increase the chances that your content will be published, and you will have a long-term relationship with them. 

Copy the Format of the Host’s Website

If you want to know the format of the host website, there is an easy way to do it. One method to learn about their writing style is to read their blog postings. It will provide you insight into their writing styles. Now, in your guest post, follow the format and style of the guest website. This will ensure that the editor accepts your guest post.  

Add internal links to your posts

It is crucial to add internal links to your guest post. It will demonstrate your dedication and seriousness of the job. They will accept your post for publication. 

Follow trends to generate new ideas

A good writer is also a good reader. If you want to produce decent writing, you must read extensively. Keep up to date on current trends by reading news items and trends because readers demand the most recent information. Keep up with all the latest news in your field. Also, remember to observe social media trends because many people follow them. You will lose a significant audience by paying attention to social media trends. Follow social media accounts and subscribe to newsletters to stay current on the latest trends. You should also start following blogs in your niche. You may see trends early and take advantage of guest writing opportunities.

Write an original idea

Repetition is not better. It is good to respect the host website’s principles and format but keep their templates the same. They offer you the opportunity to get something different or distinctive on their website; bringing the same ingredients will not appeal to them. You must provide them with a unique perspective to make it even better.

Make your guest post error-free

Check your article for grammar mistakes before you send it to the company. There are several free tools available online to check your writing. You can use any of these tools to check your article before submitting it to the editor. Grammarly and the Hemingway App are two writing aids 

that you can download and use freely. A fantastic concept may lose value if there are writing 

mistakes because the editor needs more time to repair your grammar errors before publishing it. So make sure it’s error-free. 

Prepare The Final Draft

This is the final phase in the process, provided you have chosen a topic in which you are enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Now begin writing on it. Write long, compelling material that is no less than 1000 words. Make it well-structured by breaking it down into small paragraphs. Optimize it for on-page SEO. You can also improve the appearance of your text by using lists and graphs. Including famous quotes in your text will improve the post. Remember to add the links to your previously written guest posts and your website. When you deliver your final draft to the editor, you must include your author information, which includes your full name, a brief bio, social media links for readers to interact with you, and the address of your website. Now click “send” to submit your guest post to the editor.

Promote the article you wrote on social media

Once your post is published, it is time to promote it. Begin sharing your guest article on your active social media networks. It will not only help your brand by raising awareness, but it will also boost your host website. Create insightful social media posts highlighting some of your key lessons, and tag your host in them. If you regularly promote content on social media, consider incorporating your guest posts as well. This practice will help you establish an ongoing relationship with your host, which may lead to future professional support or other guest articles.

Write more guest posts

When your first guest post is successful, it’s time to write more, as this is critical to achieving true success. With a successful guest blogging approach, more is better. But make sure that the guest articles are of excellent quality. The more significant the number of articles you write, the stronger your internet presence is, and the greater the likelihood that people will see you as an expert. This results in more invitations to register and participate in events and increased organic traffic to your website.


When executed correctly, guest blogging can effectively market your talent or business. We have already discussed the steps necessary to complete your guest post correctly. Many reputable websites allow new writers to submit their work for publication, which benefits both the publisher and the writer. Websites that are already popular require high-quality content to maintain their good reputation in the industry while also promoting newcomers. To get an opportunity for a guest blog, you must send engaging proposals to the website’s owners. The 

ideal plan for your business and setting will always be the one you develop via mistakes and trials. Therefore, refrain from being frightened to start and learn as you go.

Do you do guest blogging but need more benefits? Ping us here. Our agency is here to help you shape or track your content marketing and find guest posting opportunities. 



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