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How to Download Netflix Movies for Offline Viewing: Guide

How to Download Netflix Movies for Offline Viewing: Guide

If you want to watch a Netflix movie on a plane or somewhere else with a lousy service, you can always download it and watch it when you have time. You don’t have to worry about when you’ll be able to connect to Wi-Fi again when you download content to watch later. We are going to show you how to get Netflix movies.

The steps below should work on computers and devices running Windows 10, iOS, Android, the Amazon Kindle Fire and Fire tablet, Chromebook and Chromebox, and the Amazon Kindle Fire. Necessary: Windows PC users can download shows to watch when they don’t have internet access, but they need to get the Netflix app from the Windows Store in order to do this.

Keep in mind that the number of Netflix movies you can download will depend on your plan. That means, as of this writing, *Plans with ads can download up to 15 titles per month on up to two devices. At the start of every month, the downloads start over. You can download it on up to two devices with a standard plan and up to six devices with a premium plan.

Get your download on

Step 1: Make sure your Netflix is updated.

Step 2: Navigate to the movie or show you would like to download.

How to Download Netflix Movies for Offline Viewing: Guide

Step 3: A movie or TV show can be downloaded simply by clicking on it.  

How to Download Netflix Movies for Offline Viewing: Guide

Step 4: All of your saved Netflix shows and movies will show up in the Downloads section. On the phone, tap the Downloads menu. On a PC, tap the Menu button in the upper left part of the app.

How to Download Netflix Movies for Offline Viewing: Guide

How much space do I need?

Downloads from Netflix come in two grade levels: Standard and High. And the second one is HD—”up to 1080p depending on the movie or TV show,” Netflix says. Standard takes up less space on your device and lets you download things faster, while High needs a little more space and time. It depends on what kind of device you have and how much space you have. For example, the look of Standard mode might be delicate on your new phone, but a higher quality might look better on your tablet or laptop.

Find the App settings page to make your choice. It might be called “More” or be under your personal picture on Amazon, the Chrome app for Android, or the iOS app for your phone. After going there, click or tap on Downloads and then Video Quality or Download Video Quality (Android). Then, choose the level you want. In Windows 10, go to Menu > Settings > Download and pick the quality of the video there.

How much room a download takes up depends on its length and resolution. To give you an idea of the numbers, we got the first episode of Taboo and Ryan Reynolds’ Netflix movie The Adam Project on an iPhone 13 Pro in both Standard and High resolutions.

The 57-minute episode of Taboo took up 981.2 MB of room in the high-quality version and 226.4 MB in the standard version. In High, The Adam Project took up 1.12GB of room, and in Standard, it only used 493.8MB. Before you choose between Standard and High quality, you should always check to see how much room you have on your device.

How to Download Netflix Movies for Offline Viewing: Guide

What’s available?

You can’t download everything on Netflix, but the company has made it easy to find movies that you can by putting them in a section called “Available for Download.” This genre is a submenu that you can find next to the other genre choices when you choose TV Shows or Movies. In order to download a particular title, locate the Download icon—a downward arrow with a horizontal line below it—and click on it.  

But you can only download some movies a certain number of times and watch them for a certain amount of time. Like, you can only download three copies of the same Bridgerton episode during a billing period. (We know it’s weird.) Also, you have to watch each one within a month of getting it, or you won’t be able to watch it later.

When it comes to downloading material, only some sites are so kind. Sometimes, you’ll find a movie or show that you can only download once. This is because Netflix has a licensing deal with the network that owns the content. You can also lose these kinds of titles after a week if you don’t use them, and they usually go away 48 hours after you first play them.

How to enable automatic downloads

It’s great that you can choose which movies to download by hand, but wouldn’t it be great if Netflix could download content for you automatically? You’re in luck. Netflix added a feature for mobile users called Downloads For You. This feature uses what you’ve watched on Netflix to find movies and TV shows that you might like and download them. This function will only work if you have Wi-Fi turned on. Here’s how to make it work.

Step 1: Open the Netflix app and tap Downloads in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

How to Download Netflix Movies for Offline Viewing: Guide

Step 2: Locate Smart Downloads on the subsequent screen and press on it.

Step 3: Next, all you have to do is turn Downloads For You on or off.

Step 4: Last but not least, in Allocate Storage, use the plus and minus symbols to select your storage limit.

How do I delete titles?

You’ll want to get rid of downloaded titles at some point, whether you’ve already watched them or want to make room for other things. This is especially true since you can only download 100 things at a time. Based on how much data you want to delete at once, there are two ways to do this.

Step 1: Deleting a single title

You can get rid of a single title by going to the “My Downloads” area. For iOS and Android apps, all you have to do is tap the Pen button. This will let you choose which title or titles to delete. To delete a download in Windows 10, open the file, click on the Downloaded button, and then choose Delete Download. Also, click on the pencil icon and pick out the files you want to get rid of.

How to Download Netflix Movies for Offline Viewing: Guide

Step 2: Deleting all titles

You could delete each item in the “My Downloads” area one by one, but there’s a faster way to get rid of everything at once. To delete all of your downloads, go to Settings and click on that.

Next time you’re out and about or on the road and can’t connect to Wi-Fi, having a library of saved movies and TV shows on your device will make killing time much more pleasant and fun.

How to Download Netflix Movies for Offline Viewing: Guide





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