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Top 11 Call Recorder Apps for 2024: Perfect Fit for Your Android or iPhone

Top 11 Call Recorder Apps for 2024: Perfect Fit for Your Android or iPhone

Visit our list and comparison of the most famous Call Recorder Apps for Android and iPhone to find the best one for you:

An app that records calls, including incoming and outgoing, is known as a call recording app. There are a lot of valid reasons why people might wish to record their calls.

How many times have we missed an important call and then wished we had recorded it? In the end, you never know when these kinds of records could be helpful.

Phone Call Recording Apps

While some Android phones do let you record calls, they are rare and don’t have any other tools you might need while recording a call. One example is that most Android phones don’t let you record talks without having to do anything. Most of the time, we need to remember to turn on the device before getting a call, which can be a problem.

The proliferation of powerful and intuitive apps for Android and other mobile phones has made call recording easier than ever before.

Several top apps for recording phone calls on smartphones are going to be covered in this post. Before you choose the app that works best for you, we’ll look at its features and price.

Following Is The List of Top Call Recorder Apps

#1) mSpy

Top 11 Call Recorder Apps for 2024: Perfect Fit for Your Android or iPhone

Best for tracking a cell phone from afar. It’s simple to use and works right away. It won’t show up, and there won’t be an app icon.

mSpy is a program that lets you monitor and spy on cell phones. It monitors what your kids or workers do on their phones and the Internet.

They still need to learn about this tracking. You can see sent and received SMS, WhatsApp texts, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, the person’s current GPS location, and more. It gives you all the information you need and is safe enough for banks.


  • mSpy can record your screen, monitor social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more, and record and monitor live video.
  • It has keyword warnings and the ability to block websites, apps, contacts, and more from afar.
  • You can keep an eye on every word and tap with mSpy.
  • You can retrieve mails that you have erased.
  • You can see the shots that were sent and received.

Verdict: mSpy is a parental spying app that can help you keep your kids safe both online and off. It is simple and easy to use to track a cell phone from afar. There are only three easy steps to get started with mSpy: make a free account, pick a plan, and start spying.

Price: You can try mSpy for free. One month costs $48.99, three months costs $27.99, and twelve months costs $11.66.

#2) SpyX

Top 11 Call Recorder Apps for 2024: Perfect Fit for Your Android or iPhone

Best for keeping a thorough record of calls.

SpyX might not be the best way to record calls. But it is an app that lets you listen in on all calls that come in and go out of a cell phone you want to spy on. Along with that, you’ll be shown facts surrounding these calls.

For example, the name of the speaker, the length of the call, the time and date of the call, and so on. SpyX is a great spy app for parents who want to keep an eye on what their child does on their phone because of this. You can use this tool to spy on a cell phone’s SMS and social app use as well as call logs.


  • Track calls that come in go out and are missed.
  • Watch the sent and received SMS
  • Find out where the GPS is
  • Check your browser’s history
  • Following social apps

Verdict: SpyX is the app you should use if you want to check a cell phone’s call logs directly. It’s simple to set up, and the spy app can access all Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Price: SpyX has the following plans for paying for a subscription:

  • 1 Month: $49.98
  • 3 Months: $28.32/month
  • 12 Months: $11.66/month

#3) SpyBubble

Top 11 Call Recorder Apps for 2024: Perfect Fit for Your Android or iPhone

Best for: Tracking live calls.

Even though SpyBubble can’t record talks, we couldn’t leave it off of this list because it’s so great at tracking calls. Once installed, the software always lets you know about all interactions happening on the target device. A complete dashboard will let you keep track of all missed, incoming, and outbound calls.

With this program, you can keep track of how long a call lasts, get timestamps, and see information about the speaker. You can also monitor a live call in real-time. On both iOS and Android, SpyBubble is a great way to keep track of calls.


  • Keep an eye on arriving, outgoing, and missed calls.
  • Find out things like who called and when they called.
  • For Android devices, a keylogger
  • Keep track of SMSs that come in and go out.

Verdict: SpyBubble is simple to set up and quietly sends real-time information about all incoming and outbound calls. The software keeps the tracking dashboard up to date every five minutes, so you always have clear call logs. This is a great call log tracker for both iOS and Android.

Price: The plan for one month costs $49.99, the plan for three months costs $29.99/month, and the plan for twelve months costs $12.49/month.

#4) Phonsee

Top 11 Call Recorder Apps for 2024: Perfect Fit for Your Android or iPhone

Best for keeping an eye on calls and texts.

It’s not really a call logger, but Phonsee is. If you want to spy on someone, you can use this tool to see their call logs and texts coming in and going out of their phone. The tool lets you keep an eye on all calls, whether they’re coming in or going out.

You get a list of contacts along with the calls that can help you organize them by when they were made and who they were made to. You can also count on this tool to keep an eye on text messages sent and received.


  • Get to the Contact List
  • Check your text messages
  • Setting up geofencing
  • Tracking emails

Verdict: Phonsee is a partially-fledged call-recording app. However, it does provide an app that lets you keep full logs of all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, along with contact information.


  • Annual: $8.85 per month,
  • 3 Months: $24.79 per month,
  • Monthly: $42.51

#5) Spynger

Top 11 Call Recorder Apps for 2024: Perfect Fit for Your Android or iPhone

Best for tracking cell phones from afar.

Spynger doesn’t record talks, but it does keep detailed records of all the calls that happen on a phone that you want to spy on. You’ll be able to see all of the call records. It keeps track of when and who was called with a timestamp for each call. This way, you can see when and how often someone was called.

Along with calls, the tool lets you monitor all incoming and current SMSs and timestamps. You can also count on Spynger to monitor a target gadget’s social media activity. With this platform, you can hack into almost all major social media apps installed on a phone.


  • Keyboard Spy
  • Record Your Screen
  • Following social apps
  • GPS tracking of locations

Verdict: Although it’s not an actual call tracker, the tool does let you monitor your calls, texts, and social media activity, complete with timestamps and other valuable data.


  • Annual: $10.83/month,
  • Quarterly: $26/month,
  • Monthly: $45.49/month

#6) eyeZy

Top 11 Call Recorder Apps for 2024: Perfect Fit for Your Android or iPhone

It’s best for keeping an eye on cell phones, especially for parental control.

When it comes to phone call recording apps, eyeZy is the most fantastically easy-to-use and useful one out there. The app’s setup is as simple as three steps on both iOS and Android smartphones.

In addition to recording calls, the platform lets you keep an eye on what people do on WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook, as well as their sent and received messages and the device’s exact GPS position. It’s also good to know that every five minutes, the information sent from the target device to your dashboard is changed.


  • Find Files
  • Web zoom tool
  • GPS Tracking of Location
  • Following keywords
  • Setting up geofencing

Verdict: Results are in, and eyeZy is an affordable, user-friendly, cross-platform mobile phone monitoring tool that will allow you to spy on nearly everything that happens on the device you desire to track. In addition to a secure platform, there is round-the-clock customer support.

Price: $9.99 for 12 months, $27.99 for three months, $47.99 for one month.

#7) Cocospy

Top 11 Call Recorder Apps for 2024: Perfect Fit for Your Android or iPhone

It is best for monitoring kids’ cell phones from afar, monitoring their location, and keeping them under control as a parent.

One of the best benefits of modern phone spy apps is that Cocospy lets you keep track of calls. Customers get access to the same data through a web-based dashboard, and monitoring incoming and outgoing conversations is a breeze. The popular contacts on the targeted phone can be accessed with Cocospy.

It even keeps records of things like timestamps, call frequency, and call length, which gives you a better picture of all the calls the target device is making. You can use the app to watch more than just calls. It can also be used to monitor all sent, received, and deleted SMSs, cell phone locations, and online activity.


  • Tracking calls in detail
  • Monitoring of SMS
  • Tracking your online browser history
  • Spying on Social Apps
  • Hidden Mode

Verdict: With Cocospy, you may secretly monitor any and all phone conversations on the targeted device. You also get essential information like timestamps, call lengths, and call frequencies for essential contacts on the selected device. Because of this, this is an excellent app for parents and companies to use to keep track of their kids’ calls.


  • Android: Premium costs $9.99 a month, Basic costs $39.99 a month, and Family costs $69.99 a year.
  • iOS: Premium costs $11.83 a month, Basic costs $99.99 a month, and Family costs $3999.99 a year.

#8) uMobix

Top 11 Call Recorder Apps for 2024: Perfect Fit for Your Android or iPhone

It is best for monitoring everything that happens on phones and computers in real time. It is designed to meet the needs of modern parents.

uMobix is a high-tech cell phone tracker that can keep an eye on computers and smartphones at all times. Any mobile device running iOS or Android will be able to use it. It can keep an eye on more than 30 well-known apps and social networks. You can keep an eye on things like calls, texts, GPS position, photos and videos, and more.


  • With uMobix, you can listen in on all calls, both coming in and going out.
  • It gives you timestamps, duration, and details about the caller.
  • It is possible to read texts sent and received through Facebook, WhatsApp, and other apps.
  • With its spy feature, it keeps track of everything that is typed on the device, even passwords and keystrokes.

Verdict: uMobix is a high-tech way to monitor and track smartphones and computers. It was made so that parents today can monitor their children under 18. Some of its features include the ability to see deleted texts and use the target device’s camera and microphone.

Price: uMobix is free to try. However, the report says the tool costs at least $29.99 a month.

#9) MobileSpy

Top 11 Call Recorder Apps for 2024: Perfect Fit for Your Android or iPhone

Best for giving you access to advanced tools like cameras and microphones in real-time.

MobileSpy is an app that parents, schools, and companies can use to monitor their kids’ smartphones. It allows users to listen in on calls, read texts, and view other phone content, such as photos and videos. It also allows users to use WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and other apps and to use the camera and microphone in real time.


  • MobileSpy gives you a complete record of all the calls made on the target device.
  • It can keep an eye on all sorts of info and GPS.
  • With Live Access to the camera and microphone, you can quickly and easily access the front and back cameras as well as the microphone.
  • The tool can’t be seen or found at all.
  • It has a lot more complicated features, such as an app blocker and scheduling limits.

Verdict: As a robust phone surveillance program, MobileSpy boasts more than 42 capabilities. This app makes it easy to monitor phones in real-time. It is compatible with any mobile device that runs iOS or Android.

Price: There are three different subscription plans available for MobileSpy: $19/month, $16/three months, and $13/six months.

#10) Call Recorder-Cube ACR

Top 11 Call Recorder Apps for 2024: Perfect Fit for Your Android or iPhone

The best for recording calls automatically.

According to ACR, the Call Recorder Cube is among the most cutting-edge call recorders available. Now that we’ve driven it, we agree with its tagline. The tool’s interface is very complete, and it’s easy for users to record their VoIP and call talks.

Users can choose to have calls recorded automatically or by hand using this tool. For many, the best thing about this tool is that you can make a list of all the people you want to record every time you talk to them instantly. You can also make a different list of contacts that you don’t want to remember.

The tool also has a built-in file manager that lets you handle your recorded files and delete or send them to another device as you specify.

Cube Apps also has an iOS version of the app, Cube ACR, for iPhone. The free version lets you record voice memos, but the paid version lets you record both incoming and outgoing calls, back up your audio to the cloud, add text notes to taped calls and memos, and more.


  • Call recording on its own
  • Mark the names of people you want to record instantly all the time.
  • Smart speaker change
  • Built-in file manager

Verdict: This app was made just for you if you want a powerful and easy-to-use app that will record your calls automatically.

Price: Free call recorder app

#11) Automatic Call Recorder by RSA

Top 11 Call Recorder Apps for 2024: Perfect Fit for Your Android or iPhone


Best for automatic call recording that is synced with the cloud.

That’s what the name of the app suggests: it records all of your calls, both incoming and outgoing. That’s not the only reason it’s so high on this list, though. It’s a straightforward app that gives you some of the same great features as the first app on this list.

You can create a list of calls you don’t want to record and a filter of calls you do want to record. It’s also simple to keep track of your saved songs and play them whenever you want. This tool’s ability to sync with the cloud is probably its best feature.

You can store your recorded logs in a safe cloud database with the cloud backup feature. This way, you can quickly view them from any device at any time.


  • Automatic Recorder for Calls
  • People on an allow list will automatically be recorded
  • Back up in the cloud
  • Play talks that were recorded

Verdict: The cloud backup tool is one of the most essential parts of Automatic Call Recorder. In fact, it’s the only reason you should install it on your device. Of course, it’s also straightforward and high-tech enough to record your talks well.

Price: The app to record calls is free.


For the most part, call recording apps serve as precautionary measures that can help you be ready for whatever the future brings. If you need to play back a phone call, you never know when you might need to. Companies already use technology that records calls to keep track of all the different kinds of talks they have with clients and customers.

There are way too many legal and safety reasons for people to keep a call recording app on their phones and running. There are a lot of great tools out there that can help you with phone calls and voice records. Each one is useful in its way.

If you want to record phone calls on your Android device, we suggest “Cube ACR” or “Automatic Call Recorder by RSA.” Apple users can get a robust call recording app called “Just Press Record.”


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