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Top 13 Contenders For The Best Machine Learning Companies In 2024

Top 13 Contenders For The Best Machine Learning Companies In 2024

The idea behind machine learning (ML) is that computers can learn from data. To do this, you need to look for patterns in the data. So, the data that is fed into the models will determine how well the answer works.

Risk management, performance analysis, and reporting, trading, and automation are some of the best ways to use machine learning. This post will show you the different Machine Learning Companies, what they offer, and how they compare to each other.

Machine Learning: An In-Depth Look

Let’s learn everything we can about Machine Learning and examine some of the world’s best-known companies that use it.

Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

  • The differences between AI and machine learning are enormous.  
  • AI is the field that simulates clever behavior in machines so that they can work better. Machine Learning is the idea that will make AI useful in real life. ML is a part of AI.

Examples of Machine Learning

The cases below show how Machine Learning can be used. It can recognize images, understand speech, make medical diagnoses, and more.

  • Image Recognition: Images can be recognized by their faces, and their characters can be recognized so that you can tell the difference between handwriting and printed letters.
  • Speech recognition: Machine learning is used to turn what you say into writing.
  • Medical Diagnosis: It is used for many different medical diagnosis tools and methods.

Following Is The List of Top Machine Learning Companies

#1) InData Labs (Cyprus)

Top 13 Contenders For The Best Machine Learning Companies In 2024

InData Labs has its own research and development center and works with businesses to help them use AI and big data. A lot of the things that InData Labs is good at are AI and Big Data, Data Science, Data Capture & OCR, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning & Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing. They help their clients grow their businesses by giving them AI and Big Data advice and development services.

Founded in: 2014

Employees: 80+


  • Cyprus (HQ)
  • Singapore

Core Services: Services in data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), big data (BD), recommender engines, natural language processing (NLP) software for collecting and analyzing customer reviews, and optical character recognition (OCR) and data capture solutions for automating document processing are all part of our offerings.


  • Custom development of AI-based solutions from the start.
  • Adding AI and Big Data to an existing answer makes it better.
  • Product creation powered by AI.

Pricing Info: InData Labs charges between $50 and $99 an hour for its services.

#2) Vention (New York, US)

Top 13 Contenders For The Best Machine Learning Companies In 2024

Vention’s engineers have completed over 30 AI/ML-focused projects in about 20 different industries. The company uses privacy-by-design to ensure that all of its machine learning work is always done morally and sensibly, whether it’s cloud-based AI or on-device mobile intelligence.

VC-backed startups and tech companies can work with Vention to create unique software. Vention can also collaborate with tech startups and VC-backed businesses to create AI-powered software goods or custom software.

Founded In: 2002

Employees: 3000+ employees

Locations: US, UK, Germany, Austria, Poland

Clients: IBM, PayPal, Postman, StoneX, Mount Sinai, etc.

Core Services: As part of our core services, we build intelligent chatbots, deep learning architectures, machine learning solutions, gradient tree boosting, neural networks, natural language processing, computer vision, and more.


  • Vention offers dedicated development teams that can work with your in-house setting without any problems.
  • It can get help from more than 3,000 expert engineers.
  • More than 250 people use it.

Pricing Info: Based on reports, Vention charges between $50 and $99 an hour for its services.

#3) ScienceSoft (Texas, US)

Top 13 Contenders For The Best Machine Learning Companies In 2024

It has been in data science and machine learning since it began in 1989. The company makes AI-powered solutions that can be built on its machine-learning models. What they’re offering is:

  • Specialized assistants (for example, in customer service, healthcare, education, gaming, and digital ads).
  • Use of machine learning in healthcare for diagnosis, treatment, and images.
  • Optimization and advanced statistics for financial management.
  • Personalization is used in marketing and sales.
  • Optimization of SCM and supplies.
  • Taking care of HR.
  • Turning on security.
  • Self-driving cars and advanced features that help drivers.
  • Scraping and crawling the web.
  • Creation of content.

To meet the legal requirements for AI, the company creates machine learning models whose reasoning can be explained and provides advanced encryption and authentication systems to protect AI-operated data. The business knows how to follow HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, GDPR, NYDFS, and other rules and standards.

ScienceSoft’s clients often praise the company’s open communication, practical advice, and data science skills in reviews. The company’s portfolio also shows ML models that produce accurate results 95% of the time. For difficult and risky machine learning projects, the company also conducts a pilot study or proof of concept (PoC) development.

ScienceSoft says that a project can begin in just one to two weeks and usually gives customers an MVP of ML-based software in three to four months. Certifications in both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 attest to the firm’s dedication to its work and the security of its clients’ information.

Founded in: 1989

Employees: 750+

Locations: McKinney, Texas. There are offices in the US, the UAE, the KSA, and the EU.

Clients: Walmart, eBay, NASA JPL, PerkinElmer, Baxter, IBM, Leo Burnett, and more.

Core Services: AI software creation, testing, and support; consulting on ML implementation, security, and compliance; auditing and redesigning ML solutions; data management. These are the core services that we offer.

Pricing Info: The average rate is $50 to $99 an hour. The vendor will give you a free cost quote if you ask.

#4) Innowise (Warsaw, Poland)

Top 13 Contenders For The Best Machine Learning Companies In 2024

When it comes to machine learning development, Innowise Group is the best. They offer many services and goods that can help businesses and groups reach their goals. Some of the biggest companies in the world use their products, and they’ve helped dozens of other businesses make better choices and be more accurate.

When it comes to AI, big data, and natural language processing, the company offers a lot of different services.

It has a strong history of creating and using new algorithms and tools for machine learning. Because of this, it is a good choice for companies that want to use machine learning in their work. Their goods work well in many different settings, from stores to hospitals.

One of the best companies in its field, Innowise, is dedicated to new ideas and excellent customer service.

Founded in: 2007

Locations: Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, US

Employees: 1400+

Pricing info: $50 – $99 per hour

Core Services: Machine learning, deep learning, data science, and computer vision are the four primary offerings. Recognition of speech, forecasting, sentiment analysis, natural language processing (NLP), and the building of neural networks

#5) Master of Code Global (California, US)

Top 13 Contenders For The Best Machine Learning Companies In 2024

Custom machine-learning solutions that help businesses get results are what Master of Code Global does best. They use machine learning to improve customer experiences, make processes more efficient, and find new insights. To do this, they create cutting-edge apps that can be used on the web, on mobile devices, and in conversations. A Generative AI Slack chatbot, a Gen AI-powered knowledge store, and an AI routing assistant are some of the things they know how to do.

Founded in: 2004

Locations: USA (Seattle), Canada (Toronto, Winnipeg), Poland

Employees: 250+ employees

Core Services: We offer Machine Learning Development Services, ML Consulting, Natural Language Processing, Predictive and Real-Time Analytics, Computer Vision Services, Deep Learning Services, Data Mining, Generative AI Development and Consulting, Conversation Design, and Chatbot Development.

Some of the companies that have hired them are MTV, Aveda, Jo Malone, Infobip, eBags, Burberry, Estee Lauder, Post, Glia, and the Golden State Warriors.


  • Cross-industry machine learning advising skills.
  • This company offers machine learning services in NLP, predictive analytics, data mining, and computer vision.
  • ML solutions can be easily added to systems that are already in place.
  • Enterprise-grade service, including ISO27001 certification.

Pricing info: $50 – $99 / hr

#6) MobiDev (Georgia, US)

Top 13 Contenders For The Best Machine Learning Companies In 2024

This company makes software. It was started by a small group of passionate engineers and business managers. MobiDev has grown and now makes phone software. It has customers in over 20 countries. It offers custom software creation services for small businesses and large companies.

Founded In: 2009

Employees: 201-500 employees

Locations: Georgia, US

Core Services: We offer core services such as mobile development, web development, quality assurance, Internet of Things development, UI/UX design, and more.

Clients: Customers include Comcash, Verizon Media, SMS Group, Quality Bridge, and more.


  • Full-cycle creation for mobile apps, IoT and hardware integration, web and desktop apps, and infrastructure and backend.
  • It has been around for nine years and has put out more than 350 goods.

Pricing Info: Reviews say that MobiDev charges $25 to $49 an hour for their services.

#7) Fayrix (Herzliya, Israel)

Top 13 Contenders For The Best Machine Learning Companies In 2024

There are no limits on what Fayrix can do for you. You can rent a single coder or build an entire offshore development center. It gives you a lot of different Machine Learning options, like finding fraud, optimizing your warehouse, HR data, and more. Fayrix can work on any AI-powered product.

Founded In: 2005

Employees: 1001-5000 employees

Locations: Israel

Core Services: Our primary services are software development, mobile development, software development for startups, and big data and machine learning.

Clients: Biosense Webster, SCR, MMD Smart, etc.


  • For fourteen years, Fayrix has been making software.
  • The whole sales and marketing process takes place online.
  • For these services, you won’t have to pay for things like trips, representatives, or rentals.

Pricing Info: Reviews say that Fayrix charges less than $25 an hour for their services.

#8) Netguru (Poznan, Poland)

Top 13 Contenders For The Best Machine Learning Companies In 2024

Netguru makes tools for specific needs. It works with apps for banking, learning languages, renting bikes, and other things. Netguru also provides consulting services for designing products, making software solutions, and developing new products.

Founded In: 2008

Employees: 501-1000 employees

Locations: Krakow, Poland; Warsaw, Poland; Gdansk, Poland; and Poznan, Poland.

Core Services: Machine Learning, Mobile Development, Web Development, Product Design, etc.

Clients: Keller Williams, SolarisBank, Anonyome Labs, etc.


  • Netguru has been in business for ten years and has finished more than 600 jobs.
  • It can work with both small businesses and large companies.

Pricing Info: Reviews say that Netguru charges between $50 and $99 an hour for their services.

#9) DogTown Media (California, US)

Top 13 Contenders For The Best Machine Learning Companies In 2024

This mobile app development business makes apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. It also offers machine learning apps that will make the app better, faster, and more accurate.

Founded In: 2011

Employees: 11-50 employees

Locations: Venice, California; San Diego, California; San Francisco, California; and Boston, Massachusetts.

Core Services: We offer core services such as AI and machine learning apps, IoT apps, healthcare apps, Android and iPhone apps, and more.

Clients: Google, Citi, YouTube, Lexus, etc.


  • It can do NLP, computer vision, model building, automation, and computer vision.
  • DogTown Media tools can help you with everyday issues and make complex tasks more manageable.

Pricing Info: Reviews say that DogTown’s services cost $100 to $149 an hour.

#10) Xicom Technologies (California, US)

Top 13 Contenders For The Best Machine Learning Companies In 2024

This ISO 9001-certified software development company can help small, medium, and large businesses. It offers services such as Web development, mobile app development, IT advice, and software development. Xicom has more than 1,500 customers worldwide.

Founded In: 2001

Employees: 201-500 employees

Locations: USA, India, Dubai.

Core Services: IT consulting, web development, mobile app development, software development, and quality assurance and testing are some of the core services that we offer.

Clients: SOL Republic, Spooner, Go Supps.com, Algo Trader, etc.


  • Xicom has been around for 15 years.
  • More than 7500 tasks have been finished.
  • It offers a range of engagement models and helps 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for all time zones.

Pricing Info: Reviews say that Xicom charges $25 to $49 an hour for its services.

#11) Altoros (California, US)

Top 13 Contenders For The Best Machine Learning Companies In 2024

Altoros’ AI solutions help companies with everyday chores. It has five offices around the world, has been around for 18 years, and has completed 1,400 jobs. It knows how to set up a network for AWS, GCP, IBM, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, and Alibaba, among other cloud companies.

Founded In: 2001

Employees: 201-500 employees

Locations: California, US; Minsk, Belarus; Silkeborg, Denmark; Oslo, Norway.

Core Services: Artificial intelligence and blockchain are the core services.

They have been hired by Clients such as Siemens, Roche, Right Scale, Autodesk, Microsoft, Sony, Toyota, and others.


  • Our AI team at Altoros has extensive experience with NLP, visual recognition, sentiment analysis, RPA, behavior analysis, recommendation systems, and more.
  • Altoros has helped with over 50 open-source projects.

Pricing Info: Reviews say that Altoros charges between $50 and $99 an hour for their services.

#12) Neoteric (Poland)

Top 13 Contenders For The Best Machine Learning Companies In 2024

Neoteric offers help for NLP, Machine Learning, and Predictive models. Cutting-edge AI tools will help you work with data better, and they can benefit many different businesses.

Founded In: 2005

Employees: 51-200 employees

Locations: Poland

Core Services: We offer web app development, AI, SaaS development, product design, and robotic process automation as core services.

Clients: Soapbox.ai, AppOrchid, SaaS Manager, etc.


  • Neoteric is skilled in many different platforms, such as Java, Node.js, Azure, AWS Lambda, Firebase Cloud Functions, and more.
  • It will give you an answer that fits your goals for business, technology, and design.
  • It can work on any job, no matter how hard it is or what industry it’s in.

Pricing Info: Reviews say that Neoteric charges between $50 and $99 an hour for their services.

#13) Infopulse (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Top 13 Contenders For The Best Machine Learning Companies In 2024

Infopulse is an expert in managing the cloud and IT infrastructure, offering cybersecurity services, and writing software. It grows by about 20% every year on average. Infopulse has clients in 30 different countries.

Founded In: 1991

Employees: 1001-5000 employees

Locations: Kyiv, Ukraine; Chernihiv, Ukraine; Gaildorf, Germany; Munich, Germany.

Core Services: Making software, providing infrastructure and cloud services, automating tasks with robots, protecting data, and more.

Clients: BICS, Vizor, Horizon, and more.


  • It has been in the IT business for more than 28 years and has finished more than 3500 projects.
  • It does business in 11 countries and has shipping centers in 6 of those countries.
  • It has passed the tests for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC27001, PAS 99, and ISAE 3402.

Pricing Info: Reviews say that Infopulse charges $25 to $49 an hour for its services.


In machine learning, statistical methods are utilized to imbue machines with intelligence and enable them to learn from data. The five best Machine Learning service companies for us are MobiDev, Fayrix, Netguru, Vention, and DogTown Media.

Reviews say that most of the companies charge between $25 and $49 per hour or $50 and $99 per hour for their services. DogTown Media is the only one that costs more, between $100 and $149 an hour.



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